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Voluntarios Al Rescate

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Libro Voluntarios Al Rescate

Learn how to help others in your community. This exciting Spanish nonfiction book describes the many ways that volunteers make a difference, from cleaning up parks to helping in food banks. Perfect for young readers, the book includes a short fiction stor

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Rastreo del tiempo (Tracking the Weather)

Libro Rastreo del tiempo (Tracking the Weather)

Rain, sunshine, warm fronts, and cold fronts. Have you ever listened to a weather report? Knowing the weather can help us plan ahead. But reporters aren’t the only ones who can track weather. You can, too! This nonfiction Spanish book explores the subject of meteorology in depth, and introduces students to important scientific concepts and vocabulary like anemometer, barometer, air pressure, warm front, cold front, rain gauge, probability, Celsius, Fahrenheit, and more. The colorful images, diagrams, sidebars, and text features will keep students connected to the text. Aligned to state and...

La fiebre del oro (The Gold Rush)

Libro La fiebre del oro (The Gold Rush)

How do you truly engage students in learning history? When students make personal connections to the subject, they’re much more motivated to learn. This Spanish book provides firsthand accounts of history that give personal insights into historical events. Students will learn about California’s gold rush by examining maps, letters, images, and art from that time. With a visually appealing layout, this book features captivating text, fun facts, sidebars, and time lines that help students grasp the essential concepts they need to know at their grade level. Packed with information and primary...

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Cómo funcionan los parques de diversiones (How Amusement Parks Work) 6-Pack

Libro Cómo funcionan los parques de diversiones (How Amusement Parks Work) 6-Pack

This Spanish-translated book will be a hit with both thrill seekers and with those who prefer to stay safely on the ground. After an introduction to Newton's three laws of motion, readers learn the mechanics of various amusement park rides including roller coasters, Ferris wheels, merry-go-rounds, and gravity rides. They learn how to measure motion, and how kinetic and potential energy apply to their favorite rides. This 6-Pack includes six copies of this title and a lesson plan.

Un extraño en mi cama

Libro Un extraño en mi cama

"Lady Isabel Pelham y Gerard Faulkner, marqués de Grayson, son la pareja más escandalosa de todo Londres. Tienen en común una lujuria desmedida, un gran ingenio, una provocativa reputación en entredicho y, lo más importante, ninguna intención de enamorarse el uno del otro, algo con lo que tirarían por la borda su matrimonio de conveniencia. Por nada del mundo romperían esa farsa ... hasta que el destino aparta a Gerard del lado de Isabel. Cuatro años más tarde, el marqués de Grayson regresa a casa. Isabel se encuentra con que el pícaro joven se ha convertido en un hombre poderoso...

La biblioteca escolar en España

Libro La biblioteca escolar en España

A partir de un recorrido por la historia y la realidad actual de la biblioteca escolar en España, José Antonio Camacho Espinosa plantea cuáles son las condiciones que deben cumplir éstas.

I Love to Brush My Teeth Me encanta lavarme los dientes

Libro I Love to Brush My Teeth Me encanta lavarme los dientes

English Spanish bilingual children's book. Perfect for kids studying English or Spanish as their second language. Little Jimmy doesn't like to brush his teeth. Even when his mother gives him a brand new orange toothbrush, his favorite color, he doesn't use it like he is supposed to. But when strange and magical things start happening to Little Jimmy, he begins to realize how important brushing his teeth can be. I love to brush my teeth is a delightful story full of beautiful illustrations sure to get your little ones attention. If your child is having difficulty learning to brush their teeth...

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