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Reptiles y anfibios reptantes

Sinopsis del Libro

Libro Reptiles y anfibios reptantes

Read Along or Enhanced eBook: Take a journey into the wild world of reptiles and amphibians! Readers will learn about crocodiles, lizards, snakes, tortoises, and salamanders. Featuring a glossary, index, colorful images and charts, intriguing facts, and clear, informative text, readers will be sure to be enthralled as they move through this engaging, Spanish-translated book.

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Subtitulo : Read Along or Enhanced eBook

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What is matter? Anything that takes up space is matter. Matter can be a water, liquid, or gas. These are the states of matter. Learn about matter with this Spanish science reader that features easy-to-read text. Nonfiction text features include a glossary, index, and detailed images to facilitate close reading and help students connect back to the text. Aligned to state and national standards, the book also includes a fun and engaging science experiment to develop critical thinking and help students practice what they have learned.

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