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Libros de Alton Garrison (2 libros)

La Iglesia de Hechos 2 (the Acts 2 Church)

Libro La Iglesia de Hechos 2 (the Acts 2 Church)

Recently revised and expanded, The Acts 2 Church provides ideas to get you going and resources to equip you to lead a healthy, growing church. It also offers the ability to help you evaluate and analyze where your church is now and where you want it to be. Based on Acts 2: 42-47, The Acts 2 Church finds it footing in five areas of the church: worship, connect, grow, serve, and go. Ideal for church staff, deacon board, and volunteer leadership.

Edificando el Equipo Ganador

Libro Edificando el Equipo Ganador

SPANISH EDITION. Focuses on the spiritual growth of the believer. Clarifies what maturity is-and what it isn't. Practical insights help church leaders encourage believers toward commitment to a life of maturity. Also provides growth tips for leaders, and how to evaluate your church's programs for disciple-building effectiveness.